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PG-32x00 Series Pattern Generator


   ● Pattern generator or Logic Analyzer front panel software is available for Windows


   ● Support  two port of 16 Channel high accurate 7 digital counter.

   ● Real time 4 Ports (8 channels/per Port) input/output programmable.

   ● Variable Standard Logic I/O (LVC1.2V, LVC1.5V,  LVC1.8V,  LVC2.5V,  LVC3.3V, SSTL2||, SSTL3||).

   ● Fine Adjustable VCCO 1.2V to 3.3V.

   ● Adjustable threshold voltage from 0 to 2.4V for SSTL2||, 0 to 3V for SSTL3||.

   ● Easy to edit pattern for clock, counter, I/O bi-direction, I²C, SPI, UART stream...more.

   ● Support Pattern edit display, Timing display and State list display.

   ● Support I²C, SPI, more... serial bus timing encode.

   ● Captures both state and timing simultaneously with one probe.

   ● Support two External clock up to 200MHz, and perform logic combine.

   ● High quality clips and wires included with the PG32x00.

Main Screen

   The data is displayed as a timing wave form.  Each channel is displayed in it's own color.

   Channel names, numeric value of data at each cursor and scrollbars are also in this view.

   The window can be zoomed in or out to show just a few samples or the entire buffer.

   Data can be displayed on screen as a timing waveform.

   Each channel can have a user-specified name and can be displayed in any sequence.

   Channels can be also be grouped together into busses and viewed in ASCII, hexadecimal, decimal,

   binary, or in user defined mnemonics.  Time between V1bar, V2bar, and Trigger is displayed.

   Zoom scales of 1/2000X to 50X (horizontal).  Indicator of current position of buffer shown on screen.

   The color of each channel can be set independently.

I/O Pin Location

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