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Logic Analyzer

LA-2132 LVDS , LA-2132 ,LA-2164 Series


   ● Sampling rate: Up to 1 G Sa/S.

·  ● 125MHz bandwidth.

·  ●  Innovative universal  triggering with 512 trigger levels :

       all kind of triggering I²C, SPI, UART, cross trigger, pre-triggering, and trigger count .... etc.  

   ● Two LA-2132 Series connect become one LA-2164 Series, can expand to 64 channels.

   ● Deep 4M  sample data acquisition buffers on each channel.

·  ● Convenient Timing state display for logic debug.

   ● Multi-Window software.

Universal triggering with 512 trigger levels

   This logic analyzer  supports up to 512 trigger levels.

   It supports " IF XX match n times then next level else jump back level0" structure, so use these universal

   triggering structure can easy solve any difficulty trigger problem. The following is some of these  functions.


   (1) Trigger before delay :

   (2) Pulse width :

   (3) trigger count : 

(4) SPI trigger :

      It is a serial bus protocol with 3 channel signal.

(5) I²C trigger :

         It is a serial bus protocol with 2 channel    signal.

(6) UART (RS232) trigger:

         It is a one channel serial bus protocol with time relative.

Software with many window

   This software show a lot of timing, let user easy to compare and analyze timing,

    the following  picture part A has zoom factor 1  and part B  has zoom factor 1/2 .

    It can set different parameter in each window like zoom factor, location ..etc.

Expand to 64 channels

   The LA-2132 Series can be Expanded to 64 Channels by using one 20 pins flat cable (Length is 25 CM)

    from #1 LA-2132 connect to #2 LA-2132,

    (It only support 32 channels trigger word even it is 64 channels now). 

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