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   ● High speed operation (up to 500 MHz).

·  ● Deep data buffers (up to 512K samples per channel). Simply put, the deeper the buffer the better.

·  ● Continuously variable pre/post trigger position. Store up to 512K events surrounding the trigger point.

   ● Up to 160 data input channels.

   ● High Impedance probes minimize interference with the circuit under test (200kohm//3pf).

·  ● Variable threshold voltage between - 6.4 to + 6.4 volts.

   ● Work with up to 8 different logic thresholds including TTL, ECL, 3V logic, CMOS, or RS-232 at the

       same time with multiple threshold voltage selections.

   ● External trigger output. Use this to trigger other instruments, like your scope.

   ● High data bandwidth of 100 MHz.

   ● 8 External high speed clock inputs with user definable combinations for flexible clock qualifying.

   ● Captures both state and timing simultaneously with one probe.

   ● Optional very high speed pattern generator with rates up to 100 Mbit/s from 8 to 160 channels.

   ● Multi-Window software.

Main Screen


   This software is a revolution software, it have a lot of new function, even tradition famous oscilloscope

   have not these powerful function.   

   this software show a lot of timing, let user easy to compare and analyzer timing, tradition software

   no matter it is stand alone or computer base oscilloscope only show one timing,
   these one timing software only analyzer one segment of buffer, unlike this software it can look buffer in

   beginning and buffer in middle and buffer in end at the same time. the following picture part A show

   it is locate at beginning and part B at middle of buffer at the same time, every individual timing also

  support their own cursor, voltage measurement, zoom factor .. etc.

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