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DSO-29xxA&B Digital Storage Oscilloscope


               Five in one + DSO + Logic Analyzer  + FFT Spectrum Analyzer   + Electronics Counter   + Clock Jitter Analyzer


   ● Single shot sampling rate: Up to 1 GSa/S. 

   ● Repeat sampling rate: Up to 20 GSa/S.

   ●170MHz bandwidth.

   ● Innovative universal  triggering with 512 trigger levels :

      all kind of triggering I²C, SPI, UART, cross trigger,

      pre-triggering, Pulse width, TV(NTSC525, PAL625) Triggering and count .... etc.  

      8 channel logic analyzer can cross trigger to analog channel, vice versa.

   ● Expand to 36 channels logic analyzer.

   ● Expand to 8 channels Analog is available.

   ● Measurements.

   ● Deep 4M /8M sample data acquisition buffers on each channel (A1, A2, A3, A4, D0 ~ D31).

   ● Precision 125MHz Frequency counter, up to 7 digital resolution @ 1mega memory for each analog


   ● Fast Fourier Transformations (FFT) function to Bandwidth test.

   ● Convenient Timing state display for logic debug.

   ● X Y Plot. 

   ● Multi-Window software.

   ● DLL Libraries (optional)


   Universal triggering with 512 trigger levels

   Tradition digital storage oscilloscope only support one trigger level, like rising edge, falling edge, pulse


   This DSO-29XXA/B support up to 512 trigger levels. It supports a lot of function rising edge, falling edge,

   pulse width, delay, count...etc for every level.

   It also support IF XX match n times then next level else jump back level 0 structure, so use these universal

   triggering structure can easy solve any difficulty trigger problem. The following is some of these functions.  

   All example following can work  both logic analyzer and scope channel.


   (1) Trigger before delay :

  (2) Pulse width :

   (3) Cross Trigger :

         Trigger source in any trigger level can set to scope channel A1, A2, A3, A4 or 8

         channels logic analyzer.

         This sample show trigger appear at trigger level 3 after level 1 scope trigger then

         level 2 logic analyzer trigger.

(4) trigger count :

(5) SPI trigger :

         It is a serial bus protocol with 3 channel signal .

         It is not only support for logic analyzer but also for scope.

   (6) I²C trigger :

         It is a serial bus protocol with 2 channel signal.

         It is not only support for logic analyzer but also for scope.

   (7) UART (RS232) trigger:

         It is a one channel serial bus protocol with time relative.

         It is not only support for logic analyzer but also for scope.

  Software with many window

  This software show a lot of timing, let user easy to compare and analyze timing,

   the following  picture part A show  at beginning of buffer and part B  middle of buffer at the same time.

   it can set different parameter in each window like zoom factor, location ..etc.

FFT Spectrum      

    The FFT window allows control and display of FFT's.
    The following controls are available : 
    Window select the FFT window type :

    (Triangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman-Harris, Rectangular, Wetch and Parzen).


   X-Y Plot

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